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10326 Huntress Ln
San Antonio, TX, 78255
United States


This website shows a collection of some of my handmade stoneware and porcelain.  I will showcase more of my one of a kind pieces on this site and show my standard production on my other site I have been making pottery full time since 1975. I will continue to add pieces as time allows.

Bowl and Pitcher Set large bowl in New  Blue.jpg


Our Studio and showroom are available to visit.

Inside the studio

The kiln opened after the firing.

The kiln opened after the firing.

Entrance to the property where the studio is located

Entrance to the property where the studio is located

Rob began making pottery full time in 1975.  That's right 40 years ago.  At that time he loved the feel of the clay running through his fingers as he made pieces on the wheel, the surprises that confronted him when he opened the kiln at the end of each firing cycle and seeing people enjoy using his work day in and day out.  That is what inspired him then and it is what inspires him now.  He believes more than ever that people need something of beauty made by another human being in their lives.